Preparing to Launch

bieber and puzzle

I have a little too much free time lately.  Outside of my domestic responsibilities and taking care of my dog Bieber, I tend to spend my free time cooking and playing (mostly video) games.  So I thought maybe I’d try doing a food blog…. and then somewhat randomly, decided maybe I’ll include some posts about games.  Not really sure what I’m getting into here….. but feeling good about it!

EDIT: Just did my first post and then realized that while I love photos of my dog (like every dog owner), I probably should have started with a food-related photo.  I’ll consider this a lesson learned!


3 thoughts on “Preparing to Launch

  1. But He’s so cute! 🙂 I thought about starting a blog like this. I am currently in the process of pseudo reupholstering a chair. Yesterday I went to get the fabric and made delicious curry. I just never remember to take pictures during whatever I’m doing lol.

    • Ooh, so you’d have a reupholstering and cooking blog? Sounds awesome :). Seriously though, make one about whatever you want…. I can attest to it being easy to get started, though I can’t yet say much about actually producing good content… that’s the next step.

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