Can’t Hardly Wait


Upcoming, to-be-released video games.  Way more exciting than upcoming movies, don’t you think?  Of course I love movies, but a new movie will give you a few hours of passive excitement at best, right?  A new game, on the other hand, can provide dozens of hours (or in the case of RPGs… hundreds of hours?) of immersive, interactive, challenging, rewarding FUN.

At the moment, there are two games pending release that have me borderline-rabid with anticipation.  Both are sequels to games that I’ve previously gotten seriously (maybe dangerously) involved with, so I guess these picks are predictable.  But hey, that’s another point for games against movies.  Game sequels: often (usually?) better than the original.  Movie sequels: generally sketchy.

Dark Souls II (for PS3/Xbox360/PC) and Plants vs Zombies: It’s About Time (for PC/Mac/Smartphone) are about as different as two games can be.  The dark-fantasy action-RPGs in the Dark Souls series are widely accepted as among the most difficult being made.  They are invariably described by reviewers as being sadistic, frustrating, and prone to causing fits of despair and rage in players.  Plants vs Zombies, on the other hand, is a highly-accessible, cartoony and cute tower-defense game that doesn’t require a console and can be enjoyed by the most casual gamer.  Beating it won’t earn you much gamer cred, but who cares?  It’s a joy to play.  (The subtitle of the sequel is a jokey nod to the fact that it took four years to make a sequel to a blockbuster Popcap game).

Dark Souls II is slated for a March 2014 release, and PvZ: IBT will be released in North America within the next few weeks (the developer is being coy about giving a firm date).  Have you played the predecessors of either game?  Which upcoming games have you all hot and bothered?


9 thoughts on “Can’t Hardly Wait

  1. I’m afraid to play Dark Souls I heard it’s really long & really difficuly to play lol A sleeper game I want to play is Pikmin 2 that game was fun as heck 😀

    • Yeah, Dark Souls is long and really difficult… but that’s why it’s probably the most rewarding and satisfying game I’ve played! It doesn’t forgive any little mistakes or give you any freebies… so it really gets you playing a on a very high level, very precisely… wonderful experience. Don’t be scared, try it!
      I’ve never heard of Pikmin but I just looked it up and it tooks really fun! I’ve been trying to decide on my next Wii game, so thanks for the reccomendation.

  2. Never played Dark souls, and Plants vs Zombies wasn’t my thing, but Total War: Rome II is being released sept 3rd, first one was released 9 years ago, can’t wait.

    • Ben, I don’t have a gaming PC but Total War: Rome II looks cool. If wiki is correct and it’s turn-based strategy, as a JRPG fan I’m very into that!

  3. Most of the games I am looking forward to have already been released, aside from the new Batman. Did you enjoy Plants vs Zombies 2? I enjoyed it, despite the in game purchases system they went with. I hope they don’t charge for the final level.

    I have Dark Souls, but never finished it. The gameplay is excellent but the difficulty was a turn off. As my gaming time is limited I cannot afford to play games were I spend an hour playing and make no progress.

    • I’m really looking forward to the new Batman as well. Just finished Diablo and plan to trade it in…. not worth keeping.
      I did enjoy PvZ2! Especially the mining cart levels where you could slide the plants up and down…. really interesting gameplay. People were complaining a whole lot about the in-game purchases and I was worried, but it actually didn’t bother me at once I started playing. And I certainly never felt the need to buy anything. Looking forward to the final world.
      Yeah, it does take a certain kind of masochist to get into Dark Souls. And if you’re short on time, it would be extra rough…. you’re certainly right about playing for an hour (or several), only to die and lose all your souls, and thus not even have a gain in experience to show for your efforts. The satisfaction though…. it’s like no other game!

      • I’m surprised to hear that you’ll be offloading Diablo as in other posts it sounded like you loved the game. I can’t blame you though. I played the PC version non-stop and then lost interest when I hit Inferno.

        Yeah the mine carts in PVZ are fun as they make the levels more interactive as you get to reposition your plants. Same deal with the plant food.

        Perhaps I will give Dark Souls 2 a go when it comes out. I hear the enemies drop health restoring gems in that one, which would help wusses like me.

      • Diablo was fun but not worthy of a permanent place in the collection. Overall, I was kinda bored with it before even finishing the first playthrough… it seemed really repetitive to me.
        I haven’t been reading much about DS2 (I guess because I don’t need any convincing it’ll be good, and even reading bad reviews wouldn’t deter me from buying it). I’d be really surprised though if they did anything that made it noticeably easier; the developers obviously know there is a following, and that it’s based on the game being really difficult. If there are health orbs, I guessing they’ll get rid of the refillable health flasks or some kind of trade off like that.

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