Some Thoughts on Video Game Credits


A brief musing prompted by my completion of Tomb Raider 2013 (read my review here):

I am not one of those people who watch film credits until the end.  Unless I suspect there will be a scene during or after the credits, I’m leaving the theatre and/or pressing stop by about 30 seconds in.  Conversely, I always sit through video game credits.

I attribute this to emotional investment.  While a film can evoke emotion, it’s a passive experience.  I, the viewer, did not accomplish anything by getting to the end of the film (unless we’re talking about really, really bad films, in which case watching the credits would make me feel even more pathetic than sitting through the film already has).

It’s different with a game.  I’ve put in dozens of hours, I’ve grown with the characters, shared their failures and triumphs.  If the game was a really special one, I’m probably just as sad about putting it behind as I am satisfied by completing it.  I’m saying goodbye to a character (or several) that I feel like I built myself.  I’m pondering the overall experience that game provided.  I need a moment to savour the denouement, and the credits provide this.  I scan the list of names and jobs and think vaguely about all the work that went into producing this game.  For most games, I know that when the credits end, I’ll turn it off and may never play it again.

I feel feelings while I watch the credits of games.

Does anyone relate to this?


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Video Game Credits

  1. I wait till the end of video game credits to make sure there isn’t a new game plus save prompt when it finishes. I like credits that give you stuff to do like shooting things in Smash Brothers or collecting letters in Capcom vs Tatsunoko.

    • Yeah playable credits are fun! I know I played a game recently that had playable credits and I didn’t even clue in until they were almost finished… but I am totally blanking on the game…. Borderlands??? Now I’ll be annoyed until I remember….

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