1st Wedding Anniversary Gift: Diablo III


A couple of days ago, my mom asked what R. and I were planning for our first wedding anniversary.  I told her that we were going to buy ourselves Diablo III.  She said, that’s great, but what about dinner?  When I said that we can’t really afford to do both and Diablo would ultimately provide many, many more hours of quality time together, she insisted on buying us the game so that we could go out to dinner for the big day.  (Thanks Mom!)

I’ve never played the Diablo series, but R. has, and has been waiting for years for the third installment to come out.  Considering that II came out in 2000, it’s been a rather long wait.  We’ve always enjoyed playing dungeon-crawlers (back in the day we went a little crazy for Baldur’s Gate and Champions of Norath), so I didn’t need much convincing that Diablo III should be our next co-op game.

Last night, after going out for a wonderful vegan-for-me/omni-for-him dinner at Toronto restaurant The Beet, we got started on the game.  He’s a witch doctor, I’m a monk, and I think we’re going to be a fantastic team.

What are your favorite co-op games?  Are you lucky enough to be in a relationship with a gaming partner?


5 thoughts on “1st Wedding Anniversary Gift: Diablo III

  1. I’m lucky enough to be in a relationship with a gamer, but our tastes in games tend to be pretty different. Fortunately Diablo III was a fit for both of us, and remains one of my favorite co-op games (despite my battle.net account issues -_-).

    My other all time favorite co-op games are Resident Evil 5 and 6. I can’t get the boyfriend to play console games with me very often, but for some reason I succeeded with those. ^_^

    • We also played Resident Evil 5 together, that was good co-op for sure! It’s rough that you’re into consoles and he’s not… Hopefully Diablo will keep you busy for a while. Luckily for me, at my house, we’re both PS3 and Wii all the way.
      And yes, my mom is pretty awesome! 🙂

    • Yes, she’s full of nice gestures, lucky me :).
      I really do feel that the idea that ‘gamer girls’ are rare is false… in pop culture and media gamers are portrayed as being overwhelmingly men, but in real life, lots of women play. Maybe they don’t talk about it as much, but they’re around….
      Or, if you’re patient, you could always introduce someone to RPGs who isn’t previously experienced with games.
      I hope you find a gaming partner, it’s really fun!

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