Holidays Over; Back At It.

Ok, wow.  I really disappeared for a while there!  The holidays were, as usual, both wonderfully and painfully packed with parties with family fun.  For a semi-hermit like me, it takes a lot of downtime to balance out all the socializing.  End result: no blog posts for a few weeks.  But I’m back with lots of great content and ideas from the holidays: my vegan-friendly 30th birthday party (I’m a pre-Christmas baby), some awesome new kitchen gadgets to facilitate my never-ending vegetable prep, and (exciting!) a slew of photos of a friend’s RIDICULOUS vintage game collection.  I’ll be churning it all out over the next little while.

I’ll leave you for now with an au-natural photo of me on Christmas morning at my dad’s, with a new vegan cookbook and a cute NES controller-inspired clutch purse.  Brandishing symbols of my two loves… food and games.



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