Me with part of my good friend's extensive NES game collection.

My name is Lucy, and I am an amateur vegan cook and lifelong videogame enthusiast. I am from the East Coast of Canada and currently live in Toronto with my partner, R., and our border collie.

I have been vegetarian for about ten years and vegan for two. I am vegan for ethical reasons, and the fantastic health benefits are a wonderful bonus. In the first few years after I stopped eating meat, people would often jokingly ask if I was going to become “a vegan.” I would always reply, quite honestly, that I could never give up dairy and that there was absolutely not one chance in a million that I’d ever go vegan. So, this has been a real life lesson in the fact that you really don’t know what you’ll be thinking or doing years down the road. Going vegan was the most liberating decision I’ve ever made. (That statement comes off as pretentious but I can’t think of a more accurate way of saying it.)

I have been into video games since childhood. I got off to a rocky start with my first Nintendo, but thankfully overcame that phase. My home console trajectory has been NES > Sega Genesis > PlayStation 1 > PS2 + Gamecube > PS3 + Wii, with some PC gaming and an Atari thrown in during the 90s. (I’m still finishing up my PS3 game queue, and I’ll be getting a PS4 soon. Still unsure about Wii U.) I have enjoyed many game genres including RPGs (JRPGs, action-RPGs, shooter-RPGs), action-adventure, platformers, shooters, puzzlers, and physics games. My favourite games are Super Mario Brothers 3, Final Fantasy VII, Fallout 3, World of Goo, the Katamari series and the Demons’/Dark Souls series.

When I am not cooking/eating or gaming, I enjoy training my border collie, reading (vintage sci-fi is my favourite genre but I’m pretty varied), listening to music, and shopping for vintage clothes. My education is in psychology and social work with a specialization in mental health.

I started this blog as a way to fill an excess of free time by writing about my two favourite pastimes. Although I am still figuring out the whole blog scene, I’ve found it very rewarding.


17 thoughts on “About

    • Wow, thank you so much for the recognition! I’m glad that at least one person out there think’s it’s reasonable to have a blog about two quite different subjects :).
      I’ll have to take some time to prepare my own list of 10 favorites…..

  1. Video games and vegan food. Wow. I’m definitely staying tuned on this blog. ^_^ Btw. Do you have any tips for vegan Christmas dinner recipes? I became a vegetarian early this year, so this will be my first year as a vegetarian.

      • Haha… glad you like my topic combo! 🙂
        It’s not as hard as some might think to do a vegetarian or vegan Christmas dinner. It’s extremely easy veganize all the standard veggies by using non-dairy milk (like in mashed potates) and vegan margarine in place of butter, and trust me, no one will even notice the difference. If you like to do sweet potato with marshmallows, you can get vegan marshmallows at health food stores. Consider using some fresh herbs as well to make things extra special… throw some rosemary in with roasted carrot, for example.
        It’s easy to make a vegan gravy with an onion and/or mushroom base (there are lots of good recipes, just do a quick search). Stuffing can be done with vegetable broth and vegan margarine and cooked in a pan.
        Personally, I don’t recommend storebought Tofurky – I find it yucky. Homemade tofurky could probably be good depending on the recipe, but I haven’t made one myself.
        For me, all the veggies and cranberry sauce (canned stuff is usually vegetarian, just watch out for gelatin) and the stuffing and grave makes a really wonderful dinner! Even on my own first vegetarian Xmas, I did not miss the turkey at all because there were still so many yummy things to eat.
        Good luck!!

      • Thank you for responding. 🙂 Many good tips. I’ll definitely use them to show my family that I won’t miss any of the traditional food they’re eating. Looking forward to try it out.

        I’ve been looking at some of your food posts, and I feel really inspired. And I’m now on a mission on finding a store near me that sells jackfruit. Haha.

      • Your family will be impressed, for sure. You wouldn’t believe how much my family has gotten into vegan food, it’s very rewarding!
        For the jackfruit, definitely try an Asian grocery if you have one in your area. It’s the best bet. I hope you find some; jackfruit stew (and jackfruit in general) is delicious!

    • Thank you so much for the recognition! I noticed your blog is similar to mine…. what with the gaming and the food (and the sweet template!). Great minds think alike….?? 🙂

  2. Most definitely. Who doesn’t like snacking while gaming? Most of mine are probably on the other end of the spectrum with health, but still better being homemade , right? I don’t do new dishes as often as I would like, but whenever I do, I definitely like to share it with others.

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