Shiitake & Sausage Pizza


Yesterday was one those days where you realize too late that you should have gotten groceries.  To make things even more difficult – I mean challenging! – I only had about 30 minutes until dinner had to be ready.  I knew as soon as I opened the fridge I’d have to get a bit creative.

I narrowed down the odds and ends available to a pizza-crust-and-sauce kit, a big bag of shiitake mushrooms (fresh, not dried), a red pepper, and half a package of Field Roast brand Smoked Apple Sage vegan sausages.

(Have you tried Field Roast sausages?  They are, by a huge margin, the best vegan sausages I’ve ever had.  They’re grain-based rather than soy-based and they sauté up so nicely… I put them on pasta all the time.  So good.)

I sliced the mushrooms and pepper and got them cooking in one pan, and sliced the sausages lengthwise and then crosswise and put them in another pan so that they could get nice and brown and crispy without the mushrooms sweating all over them.


After saucing up the pizza crusts I sprinkled some oregano, basil, and chili flakes over them (the sauce in those kits never seems to have enough flavour).  Once the veggies were soft and the sausages were brown I threw them on the pizzas and slid them into the oven.

I had time while they were cooking to throw together a salad that was even more random than the pizzas, and the whole thing was on the table just in time.  The pizza was awesome, hubby and I agreed.  The sausages and mushrooms together provided a really nice, complex mix of flavours.  Plus, for once I didn’t put 1,337 different toppings on the pizza so you could actually taste the ones that were on there.

Great success!